A fast talking, butt kicking, pint sized ginger maniac. "Wheelie"


Charger Light Battle-Magic
Thousand step


Calliope is the seventeenth child of a pair of quickling farmers living in the border hollows. She was a cheerful, hot tempered tom-boy type, one of only three girls in the brood. She misses her family a great deal and keeps pictures of all of them in her home.

Calliope is friendly, but until she went to training the largest thing she had ever seen was a horse. She is often caught staring at things that are larger than her, which is how she met Butters. She often tries to fight the largest opponent to prove herself.

Calliope is quick tempered and bloody-minded. She has a reckless streak, but is not stupid.

Calliope enjoys gardening, cooking, and metalcrafts.


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