Emelia Devora

An aristocratic shadow elf


Shadow Elf
Defender Medium Cognomancer


Emelia is a scion on the immensely powerful and wealthy Devora Family who rule over the city of Devorasa. The Devora clan has produced many gifted since Thadror Devora ascended to the ranks of the chosen over eight centuries ago. Her parents purchased the very best birth enhancements and some even say they managed to enact a ritual to bestow the gift upon her.

Emelia has known in her heart that she would one day be a Gladiatrix since she was four. She came first in her classes for most of training.

Emelia was raised to look down on those who come from “the lower classes” and to try to outdo them at every turn. Recent encounters with Dis; and later the Chosen, Marius, have forced her to re-assess this view.

She is determined to join the Blue faction.

Emelia fights with a two handed sword, favoring defence and technique.

Emelia Devora

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