An ancient Chosen with a reputation for malice.


Unknown Race, shows some human and dwarven features mixed with something otherworldly
Heavy <?> Elementalist
Unknown training


Moltar is one of the hundred original Chosen who survived the reckoning. He was extremely aggressive during that era, amassing huge armies and crushing many chosen and common folk.

He claims that the only reason he did not emerge as the victor of the reckoning is due to treachery on the part of Marius, who served under him.

He has demonstrated little regard for anyone outside his immediate circle and has stated many times that the Gifted should rule over all others by right of power. He has been gathering like minded chosen for years.

Moltar is exceptionally brutal but regards other chosen as “his people”. Most of those who meet him when he is trying to be charming find him quite amiable. He does have a quick temper though and anyone who opposes him or disagrees with him will earn his wrath.

Moltar is an exceptional Pyromancer and has killed at least 11 Chosen in duels over the years, He has been implicated in several accidental deaths of others.

Moltar’s realm of Volcanus is one of the worst. The deliberative is clogged with cases of abuse and worse from this area. On the other hand like-minded gifted born in his land are quite likely to get special training and attention from Moltar who is one of the best patrons anyone could ask for.


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