A jockular human woman who hangs out with Jezebel


Charger Medium Elemental


Nix met Jezebel in late training; Nix was paired against Jezebel in her training exams. She arrogantly Jezebel not to go easy on her, and got crushed as a result. Later she angrily confronted Jezebel and was surprised when the shadow elf offered to help her train. With this additional training Nix passed her exams with distinction.

Nix feels she is fairly plain looking for a Gladiatrix, she tries to be as outgoing and friendly as possible to make up for this “defect”.

Nix tends to focus on spellcasting when fighting. She uses a shield and axe combo, which is somewhat unusual for a charger. Her spells more than make up for the lack of offence.


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