Xorgor of Claus


It was a week before Christmas and all through the Dwarven Slums, not a peasant was begging?… they all had a House… Food… Joy, what happened?_

The kind hearted Gladiator know as The Immovable Xorgor had spent his free time crafting precious metal figures for the children. These were not the normal figures you would expect to find in a toy store, they were crafted to the likeness of the towns great and charismatic gladiators.

Xorgor of Claus recruited his friends (the gals) to become his honorary beautiful Christmas elves and hand out these toys to the town children in an attempt to spread Joy.
Xorgor then Crafted himself some Red Enameled armor with a snowy fringe. And the gals some Green Enameled light armor.

Some figures were sold by the poor to the rich and other figures were then shared between poor children to make up for the sold items. The money was used to provide housing, food. clothing and coal for the fire.

The families were so thankful that they held a dinner and dance to celebrate Xorgor and his Honorary Elves.

It seems a Kind Hearted Dwarf can make a difference this Christmas

Xorgor of Claus

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